Who Got Historia Pregnant in Attack on Titan? Is it Eren?- READY - My Otaku World (2023)

Putting it mildly, the shocking revelation in last week’s episode of Attack on Titan blew everyone away.

There was a definite bump on the belly of the tiny Queen Historia as she sat in a wooden rocking chair, so this was not the reunion that fans had envisioned. A second look was warranted due to the casualness with which the reveal was made.

In contrast to the stoic Queen, Historia’s memories of happier times felt haunting. The time-mysterious gap’s events are still a mystery, even after these shocking disclosures.

Questions like “Who got Historia pregnant?” would flood the internet in the wake of such a shocking revelation.

Do you think it could have been Eren? Who was the male companion she was seen with?

But if you want to know why Historia got Pregnant you can read this article we’ve covered before.

The Smallest Breeds of Draft Horses

The Smallest Breeds of Draft Horses

Manga readers have the same trouble finding answers to these questions. But I can introduce you to two competing theories in the community, and they make for fascinating reading.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Attack on Titan.

Article Contents

  1. Short Answer
  2. Who Got Historia Pregnant?
  3. Who Was the Man With Historia?
  4. Is Eren the Father?
  5. Conclusion

Short Answer

The farmer who was friends with Historia when they were both young is the only plausible candidate for the father of Historia’s child.

Given the murkiness of the circumstances surrounding her conception, many people are inclined to dismiss this as a red herring.

There are also strong arguments that suggest Eren could be the father.

Who Got Historia Pregnant?

Who Got Historia Pregnant in Attack on Titan? Is it Eren?- READY - My Otaku World (1)

Now that the manga is nearing its conclusion, readers still don’t know what’s up with Historia’s pregnancy. In the tenth episode of the fourth season, Historia’s longtime friend the farmer is revealed to be the father of her child.

Unfortunately, this is all we know about the paternal lineage officially until Chapter 137.

Nonetheless, many viewers have been put off by the unbelievable plot twist of having an unimportant side character serve as the father of the child.

(Video) Eren tell Historia His Plan ( English Dub ) Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2

Of course not! Despite being only two chapters from the conclusion, we still don’t know his name.

Is this the final chapter in the story of Ymir and Historia? Not in the least.

Many readers are still hoping to find the secret behind the series by delving into the author Hajime Isayama’s mysterious mind and scouring the dialogue and panels.

Many new and intriguing aspects have emerged as a result, all of which I plan to discuss.

There are now two camps of fans: those who think the farmer is the father of Historia’s child, and those who think Eren is the father.

All sides here have valid points to make. And both of these explanations bother me for reasons I will explain below.

How significant is Historia’s pregnancy? is one of the main questions I keep asking. To what extent does the identity of the father matter? Isayama has established a system in which the only viable options are both yes and no.

Just like Levi’s part in the final act, Historia’s is largely undefined. Despite their huge fan base, these two seem to have played a secondary role in the story’s final arc. Only in flashbacks do we see Historia, and her only recent panel is when she gives birth.

There may be some significance to this main arc, as her absence from the final arc may be a hint at her importance.

The question is, however, is that the problem? It’s not that she’s a minor player; rather, her function in the narrative has reached its conclusion. The bitter truth isn’t easy to swallow, but Isayama isn’t the type to sugarcoat things.

However, one could argue that Isayama is simply waiting until the very last panel of the manga to reveal a crucial fact about the father’s identity.

The image of Eren holding his newborn child at the manga’s conclusion would unquestionably become iconic.

There are issues, however, with the possibility that Eren is the father. However, due to Isayama’s persistent teasing, the simple acceptance of farmer-Kun (the community-bestowed name) as the father also feels incomplete.

It can be interpreted as trolling, or it can be seen as a setup for a big reveal (that would then be less big).

And so we return to our original question: Does the Father even matter? Isayama finally starts talking about how she got pregnant in Chapter 130.

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However, being the sly person that he was, he tricked us by providing panels in unexpected places and choppy dialogue.

Historia’s knowledge of Eren’s plan allows her to advise him against it, as she would any other person. Historia’s safety was always going to be in jeopardy as long as Zeke was on the island.

Eren acts as the whistleblower, pleading with Historia to either flee or fight off the military police. Historia appeared to be on Eren’s side, albeit reluctantly after he refused to allow the cycle of “children eating parents.”

Even if Eren calls her “the worst girl in the world,” that doesn’t change the fact that she is awful.

The panel then cuts to Zeke and Eren talking about Mikasa’s feelings for him, and Eren explains that he only has four years to live when asked how he would respond.

In an oddly placed panel right after this one, Historia asks him for his opinion on whether or not she should have a baby (as a way to evade being fed to Zeke). This panel’s odd placement is what has fans scratching their heads.

Misunderstanding is compounded by the fact that Mikasa’s feelings for Eren are front and center in this episode.

The romantic undercurrent in Eren and Mikasa’s relationship seems to have been set by their conversation in Chapter 123 and by his interest in her emotions in Chapter 130.

(Video) Who Does Eren Love? True Romance In Finale | Love in Attack on Titan Finale Explained

All of this adds up to a situation involving Historia and Eren that is difficult to grasp.

With the revelation that Historia got pregnant for survival reasons, many people have stopped caring about the identity of the father.

While that explanation may seem uninteresting at first, it is of critical importance. Historia used to be someone who didn’t think she deserved to live, so she would often come up with elaborate plans to commit suicide while hiding behind her “Krista Lenz” persona.

However, it was Ymir’s intervention and presence in her life that gave her the will to keep on living.

Furthermore, deciding to direct her own life was a breakthrough. The panel’s placement, however, remains a mystery to me.

Fans have commented on Historia’s mental health and her choice to have a baby because of her stoic and unhappy expression.

To be fair, I do think that Historia’s melancholy isn’t due to her impending motherhood so much as it is due to her awareness of Eren’s scheme.

This is because she is the one who proposes having a baby, and she doesn’t seem to be too upset about the prospect.

It’s not such a far-fetched idea that the father doesn’t matter. Now, however, regardless of the father’s importance, let’s investigate the two competing theories regarding his identity.

Who Was the Man With Historia?

The farmer is a strong candidate for the paternal role. The fact that he is the biological father is the primary reason for this.

There appears to be no further information to be uncovered about this case. The question of who the father was has no bearing he is the father.

By doing so, we are reminded of the importance of our choice to ensure Historia’s safety and survival.

If she were to inherit the Beast Titan, her lifespan would be reduced to 13 years. Her decision to abandon her previous stance seems emblematic of her will to continue to exist.

And even though the farmer is an anonymous figure. Historia has some sort of past with him, even if we were never shown it. Even so, it’s still a connection.

A redeemed childhood bully provides a decent story setting. Nonetheless, it’s a little unsettling that his name isn’t being made a bigger deal of.

Historia approaches the farmer in panels from Chapter 108, while Eren watches on. The clothing they are wearing suggests that this scene takes place immediately after the one depicted in Chapter 130, where Eren and Historia were talking.

It’s highly improbable that Isayama is intentionally misleading us by showing us “fake” panels. Is it not likely that the farmer will recall doing this?

Who Got Historia Pregnant in Attack on Titan? Is it Eren?- READY - My Otaku World (2)

It’s highly unlikely that artificial insemination was being practiced on Paradis Island.

Although it can be argued that Eren tampered with his memories, this powerful ability of the Founding Titan was not available to Eren at this point.

Historia hears from him directly that he is willing to erase her memory if she will just “stay quiet till then.”

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Eren was not yet proficient at manipulating memories. While I do not doubt that the Founding Titan can reorganize memories, I am less confident in its ability to create new ones.

Up until this point, there has been no evidence to suggest that Founding Titan holders intentionally create memories. Therefore, it can be concluded that the events depicted in the panels occurred.

(Video) This video will change how you see Eren

This would also clarify Chapter 134, where the farmer is seen praying outside of the room where Historia is giving birth. Eren’s position on having children is also crystal clear.

He has spoken out against the practice of having babies for the sake of perpetuating the royal bloodline and the Titan name. It’s almost out of character for him to go and get Historia pregnant.

Despite the story’s emphasis on love and family, I found the focus on Eren’s secret romantic rendezvous at the end to be rather cheap.

The stress on his friendship with Mikasa should also be noted. When asked by Zeke whether he would respond to Mikasa’s feelings, Eren said that he only had a few years left. If you follow that reasoning, having a child is out of the question.

Eren has seen firsthand the impact that fathers have on their children through Grisha. Responsibility for his father’s well-being has been a heavy burden for him, but unlike Zeke, he has not been traumatized to the same degree.

Eren knows the pain that Zeke felt because his father was always busy and never paid much attention to him. Again, it’s not like Eren to ignore what he’s seen and keep going in the same direction.

It’s clear that Eren places Armin and Mikasa and by extension the 104th Cadet Corps, high on his list of priorities, based on the snippets of his monologue and his general state of mind that we’ve seen so far.

It appears that Eren Kruger was addressing Eren when he told Grisha, “to save Mikasa and Armin.” The idea that Eren suddenly wants to destroy the world to protect Historia and the baby is bizarre.

Eren isn’t the demonstrative type, but he’s a good friend to his comrades and would do anything to help Historia if he could.

Pregnancy at such an early date could be used as evidence against the farmer. It is revealed in chapter 134 that Historia fabricated her pregnancy. In Chapter 112, Levi says that Historia is due to have her baby in a few months.

When Historia gives birth in Chapter 134, however, it is revealed that the entire chapter was a lie. In Japan, women typically expect to carry their babies for 10 months.

The Military Police may have been fooled by the lie to prepare her for feeding Zeke shortly after her birth.

In conclusion, the panel featuring Mikasa and Eren is a strong argument against Eren being the father. Some people think the scene’s romantic undertones are being overlooked. ‘

To be sure, Isayama goes back to that point in Mikasa’s speech. What Mikasa said in response to Eren’s question, “What am I to you?” seemed to have a major impact on the course of events.

An obvious romantic undercurrent runs through Eren’s fixation on Mikasa’s emotions and her scarf. This contradicts the theory that Eren is the father.

Is Eren the Father?

Stronger evidence suggests that Eren may be the father. The reason for this is that Historia’s pregnancy is always a secondary topic of conversation when brought up at all by Isayama, who never gives any concrete details.

The untruthful assertion of when the pregnancy occurred also adds a mysterious dimension.

It has been speculated that Eren is not the biological father of Historia’s child and that the political situation would be less “messy” if the farmer were to pretend to be the father.

Who Got Historia Pregnant in Attack on Titan? Is it Eren?- READY - My Otaku World (3)

There is no romantic interest between Historia and the farmer, as evidenced by the fact that she has not married him.

And if you ask me, the farmer has no reason to work with her. That’s something you’ll have to watch the episode to find out.

When we were kids, the farmer wasn’t a pal; he was a bully. He would hurl rocks at Historia to get her attention. It’s believable that he’d agree to play the part of a beard if it meant starting on the road to redemption.

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The initial favorability toward Eren is due to the palpable chemistry between Historia and Eren.

(Video) Eren Scares Hange English Dub! Historia is Pregnant! Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 10 English Dub

They have a lot in common, including having both experienced feelings of being undeserving of life, burdened by their destiny, and thinking of themselves as “the enemy of humanity.” They have older siblings who are close in age but very different in outlook.

Both Eren and Historia appear to be trustworthy confidantes, with an intuitive grasp of their frailties. This explains why, out of the entire 104th, he chooses to share his plans with Historia.

To return to Historia’s pregnancy for a moment, the timing seems off. Yelena never stops harping on the fact that the plot was hatched ten months ago. Also, Floch claims that Eren shared his strategy with him ten months ago.

Historia’s conception occurs at this time. Yelena also claims that Eren met with Zeke in private for 10 months. Eren wasn’t seen again until Chapter 123 after the Survey Corps infiltrated Marley.

Although the story’s emphasis on “ten months ago” may seem off, this gives him plenty of time to meet Historia.

However, being the father would not lead to anything for Eren. Isayama isn’t the type to highlight cliche plot points or, for that matter, romance. So, it would be significant to the story if Eren turned out to be the father.

Is there some connection to the last panel? Maybe.

A man is shown holding a baby and telling it, “You are free,” in the final panel. This could be a love song to the baby that Eren brings into the world, which is free at last. Eren is successful whereas Grisha was unsuccessful.

Eren’s unwillingness to kill Historia for Zeke is also brought up as a reason. The romantic nature of the relationship between Eren and Historia is at the heart of many of these debates. The relationship between Grisha and Dina has been compared to that of Eren and Historia.

The doubt is fueled by Isayama’s handling of Historia’s pregnancy. Oddly, Historia’s panel appears immediately after Zeke and Eren discuss Mikasa’s emotions.

It does raise doubts about the veracity of the pregnancy account. If Eren is the father, this pregnancy may have more significance than Historia simply wanting to live a long life.

Isayama’s mental state is hinted at by the final arc’s sporadic focus on Historia. To cap off the story, Historia gives birth.

The fight scenes are interrupted occasionally by flashbacks, Historia’s pregnancy, and monologues from Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.

The question is, what kind of import does this have? The significance of Historia’s pregnancy cannot be ignored, and it is clear that something is ‘off’ about it.


The circumstances surrounding Historia’s pregnancy are unclear, leading some to believe that it could be a red herring.

One perspective argues that if the farmer is the father, it seems unnecessary to tease the pregnancy in such a way.

On the other hand, if Eren is the father, it raises the question of why he would leave a baby behind, as it does not seem in character for him to do so.

This argument suggests that Historia’s decision to live life on her terms is a significant conclusion to her character arc and that it is a misperception to assume that her first instinct would be to have a baby with Eren.

It is argued that Historia’s character arc is influenced by both Ymir and Eren, but ultimately it is her own.

Another argument suggests that much of the speculation about Eren being the father is based on the ambiguity of the situation and the bond between Eren and Historia.

This perspective acknowledges the ambiguity of the issue, but differs in the interpretation of the nature of the bond between Eren and Historia, arguing that it is not necessarily romantic.

This argument suggests that Eren’s strong and caring personality, as demonstrated through his actions towards his friends and allies, would make it natural for him to not want to sacrifice Historia.

It is also argued that Eren’s priority in life is centered on Mikasa and Armin and that Historia and Eren’s relationship is more familial than romantic.

Ultimately, it seems that the identity of the father of Historia’s child is still up for debate and will likely remain so until more information is revealed in the series.

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Who is responsible for Historia's pregnancy? ›

Another factor that has led fans to believe Eren is the father is the timeline between his mission to Marley and the start of Historia's pregnancy. Eren would leave for Marley shortly after Historia got pregnant, and 10 months later she would give birth during Eren's rumbling.

Why did Historia get pregnant with a farmer? ›

Well, there are two main reasons why she got pregnant: To save herself from eating Zeke and be sentenced to die in 13ish years (due to the Titan curse) To help Eren with his plan.

Does Mikasa have a child? ›

As the final pages of volume 34 come in, Attack on Titan shows Mikasa living life as a wife and mother. She is shown sitting at Eren's grave with a man facing away from readers. It seems the guy is none other than Jean, and the couple has a small child between them.

Why does Historia look sad? ›

When Ymir left, Historia fell into a depression again, because Ymir was the only person who liked her for who she really was. Hisu thought that others would only love the fake Krista. She felt lost again and began to act more cold and serious. The most important moment for Historia is all that happened in the cave.

Who will be Eren's wife? ›

Levi is the brother of Mikasa. Hughes is the father of Levi.

Will Eren marry Mikasa? ›

Eren loved Mikasa but Mikasa didn't have any feelings for Eren. Mikasa married Jean & has kids. Paradis is now destroyed but the titans still exist.

Did Eren make Historia pregnant? ›

Historia fell pregnant before Eren left Marley and his home was not far from her. Floch was entrusted to guard Historia. By telling Floch and Historia his plans, Eren was able to spread word of his intentions. By impregnating Historia, he would protect her and eradicate the Curse of Ymir.

Does Eren get Mikasa pregnant? ›

No, Eren won't have a child with Mikasa. Mikasa won't have a child period. At least not by the end of the series. After the credits roll, it becomes pointless to discuss what's going to happen in her life.

Why did Eren laugh when Sasha died? ›

Eren was broken up over Sasha's death, but due to what he has seen and what he has to do to save the Eldians, hearing Sasha's final words broke through to him, reminding him of when they were young and the world seemed more straightforward.

Who is Mikasa real father? ›

Ackerman (アッカーマン Akkāman?) was the father of Mikasa Ackerman and the husband of Mikasa's mother. He and his family lived in a forest near the Shiganshina District.

Was Mikasa pregnant? ›

No, Eren won't have a child with Mikasa. Mikasa won't have a child period. At least not by the end of the series.

Who is the kid that Mikasa saved? ›

Louise (ルイーゼ Ruīze?) is a member of the Jaegerists. When she was younger, Louise and her mother were attempting to flee Trost District during a Titan invasion, where she was saved by Mikasa Ackermann.

Who did Historia truly love? ›

At the Animagic 2014 series panel, producer George Wada confirmed that Ymir and Historia are "indeed a couple", which confirms that Historia in fact has romantic feelings for Ymir.

Do Historia loves Eren? ›

She is not in love with Eren, although she greatly admires and respects him. They are close friends.

Who killed smiling Titan? ›

Then, at that moment Eren, full of rage, hate and anger, screamed and “punched” the Titan's hand. Activating the Coordinate ability, a power that he did not know that he had, Eren seemingly started to gain control over the surrounding Titans and they proceeded to kill the Smiling Titan.

Who will Armin marry? ›

7. Armin sharing his dream to Annie in ch 131 implies she will explore the world with him. Even if they aren't married by 139, they certainly married shortly after. They were in love and together by the end of the story.

Who is Armin's girlfriend? ›

AruAni is the het ship between Armin Arlert and Annie Leonhart from the Attack on Titan fandom.

Who did Mikasa love? ›

It is obvious that Mikasa really cares about her childhood friend, even if Eren can't see it so much anymore. If there's one thing clear about Attack on Titan's Mikasa Ackerman, it is that she is devoted beyond all reason or logic to Eren Yaeger.

What was Eren's true goal? ›

Eren's goal is to eliminate the entire world except for Paradis, but keeping his fellow Paradisans alive is also extremely important to him, especially his close friends.

Who will Mikasa end up with? ›

Short answer: Yes, Mikasa married Jean.

Is Historia Eren's wife? ›

Does Eren end up with Historia? In AOTNR, Historia agrees to keep quiet about Eren's plan, but not for ambiguous reasons like in the original story, but only after Eren promises to come back alive to Paradis. In this version, Eren and Historia do have a romantic relationship and he becomes the father of her child.

Who is Historia husband? ›

Eventually, Historia gave birth to a baby girl. Three years later, it's mentioned by Jean that Historia is now a married woman, and it is most likely that she is married to the Farmer as he was the father of the child. Historia looks to be very content and is seen celebrating their child's third birthday.

Why did Eren turn evil? ›

Witnessing his mother's death was traumatic enough, but seeing countless allies die in front of him was a major factor in Eren's fall to the dark side. Several of his friends died when the Titans invaded Trost.

Who is the female Titan after Eren? ›

Around the year 843, Annie Leonhart was chosen to inherit the power of the Female Titan. She would later make use of her Female Titan in a war between Marley and an enemy nation.

Did Mikasa marry after erens death? ›

Now, as for the manga, we know that Mikasa ends up marrying and having a child, eventually dying of old age. One scene shows her family, her daughter and what we assume is her husband, in front of Eren's grave.

Does Eren see Mikasa as a mother? ›

#Reminder: Hajime Isayama Have Said That Eren Sees Mikasa As A Mother Figure! In the past, Hajime Isayama has spoken about whether Eren has developed more romantic feelings for Mikasa.

What was Eren crying about? ›

Eren was crying because he just finished dreaming all of the events that we have been reading. Just like how Eren was able to convince his father to eat and kill the Fritz family through the power of the Assault titan, Eren sees these memories.

Why did Eren let his mom died? ›

Eren sacrificed his mother for a better future for the world. This is all revealed in Chapter 139 during Eren and Armin's final conversation. Eren reveals that he manipulated the Smiling Titan (Dina Yeager) to kill his own mother in order to save the life of Bertholdt.

Why does Eren hate Mikasa? ›

Why Eren Says He Hates Mikasa in Attack on Titan. Eren hates Mikasa's supposed lack of free will and claims he always hated her for having no freedom. Eren points to Mikasa's headaches as proof her Ackerman bloodline is all that's keeping them together.

Is Mikasa Eren's real sister? ›

Mikasa is not Eren's sister.

What gender is Mikasa? ›

Appearance. Mikasa is a fairly tall and well-toned woman.

Is Mikasa a mother? ›

Mikasa's mother was a woman of Asian heritage, appearing to be in her mid-thirties. She had black hair reaching just below her shoulders with bangs that parted in the middle, and sometimes her hair was held up in a small bun. She had gray eyes, with a tired but calm expression.

Is Levi brother of Mikasa? ›

2 They Are Distant Relatives

In the case of Mikasa and Levi, they share the surname Ackerman. While there's no way they are siblings— they have different parents, after all— there's evidence that the two of them are distant cousins, especially when considering the power they share with Kenny.

Does Mikasa love Eren? ›

The manga for Attack on Titan ended with the death of the protagonist-turned-antagonist Eren Yeager at the hands of one of the closest people to him, Mikasa Ackerman. Disturbingly, she kisses his severed head, indicating that there was no malice or retribution in the act and that she did indeed love him.

Who gave Mikasa her scar? ›

There is a small scar below her right eye, which was due to an injury delivered by Eren's Titan during the Battle of Trost District. By 857, Mikasa's hair grew noticeably long and is tied in a ponytail.

Who is the blonde girl with Mikasa's scarf? ›

Mikasa Ackerman - After Mikasa saved a young Louise and her mother during the Battle of Trost, Mikasa left an indelible impression on the girl. After this, Louise began idolizing Mikasa, which ultimately became her primary reason for joining the Survey Corps.

How many Titans has Levi killed? ›

In the anime: Levi has the highest Titan kill count with a rumoured 200 kills, and at least forty on screen kills.

Do Ymir and Historia kiss? ›

Ymir's words cause Historia to throw the syringe, and to reject becoming the Founding Titan. In one of the song lyrics it mentions how two people kissed, most likely implying Historia and Ymir have had shared a kiss before.

Who has seen Levi cry? ›

Levihan fact: When Levi's upset he always goes to hanji. She's the only one who's seen him cry.

Who is most loved in AoT? ›

Levi Ackerman has been a favorite character among fans since the start of the series. His god-level Titan fighting powers, in addition to his cool persona and snarky wit, make him an overall engrossing character.

Who is the strongest AoT girl? ›

1 Ymir Fritz

She was not only the most powerful female character in Attack on Titan, but there are many other interesting facts about Ymir Fritz that most AoT fans don't even know about. As the Titan slave to the Eldian king, she was able to easily conquer entire nations around the world.

Why did Eren kiss Historia? ›

During Season 4, Episode 20, "Memories of the Future," as Grisha Jaeger struggled with his task to slaughter the Reiss family, there was a brief flashback to Eren kissing Historia's hand. This confirmed exactly what Eren saw that caused him to do everything he's done since he kissed her hand: He saw the future.

Did Eren ever kiss Historia? ›

While receiving his medal from Historia, Eren kisses her hand and begins receiving his father's memories of the night he killed the Reiss family.

What happens if Eren eats Historia? ›

If Eren ate Historia, nothing would happen, except that Historia would be dead and the Walls would need another Royal Blooded person to rule. If he ate Zeke, he would acquire the powers of the Beast Titan.

Who is responsible for Eren mother's death? ›

During the Titan attack on Wall Maria, many human-eating humanoids invaded the town Eren and his family lived in, and one of the Titans was Dina Yeager, the smiling Titan who later turned out to be Grisha Yeager's first wife. She was responsible for the death of Eren's mother, Carla.

What was Zeke plan with Historia? ›

The final piece of Zeke's plan is a surprise to most people, including the Scouts. He wants to ensure that future Titan inheritors are produced as soon as possible, so he has chosen Historia to inherit the Beast Titan from him after she has created as many children as possible.

Who is Historia in love with? ›

At the Animagic 2014 series panel, producer George Wada confirmed that Ymir and Historia are "indeed a couple", which confirms that Historia in fact has romantic feelings for Ymir.

Who was Historia's father? ›

Rod Reiss (ロッド・レイス Roddo Reisu?), often publicly referred to as Lord Reiss (レイス卿 Reisu Kyō?), was the true King of the Walls from 845 to 850 who masqueraded as a noble living in Wall Sina. He was a member of the Reiss family and Historia's father.

Where is Mikasa buried? ›

Years later, Mikasa continues to visit Eren's grave with her new family while civilization on Paradis advances. She eventually passes away at an old age and is buried with Eren's scarf. As the years pass, the tree overlooking Eren's grave grows larger in size.

Who killed the smiling Titan? ›

Then, at that moment Eren, full of rage, hate and anger, screamed and “punched” the Titan's hand. Activating the Coordinate ability, a power that he did not know that he had, Eren seemingly started to gain control over the surrounding Titans and they proceeded to kill the Smiling Titan.

Who took care of Eren? ›

Hannes cared deeply for Eren and Mikasa, and looked out for them after Carla was eaten. He ultimately gave his life to protect them.

Why do the Titans want Eren? ›

Ymir realizes that Reiner and Bertholdt want Eren because he possesses the Coordinate, the ability to control other Titans. The surviving Scouts escape after Eren causes the Titans to go after the Armored Titan.

What does Eren want? ›

Eren's goal is to eliminate the entire world except for Paradis, but keeping his fellow Paradisans alive is also extremely important to him, especially his close friends.

What was Eren Yeager's goal? ›

Thus, his ultimate goal is to harvest the power of the Founding Titan to sterilize all Subjects of Ymir. By rendering them infertile, there will be no further generations of Eldians, and by correlation, the ability to transform into Titan dies with them.

Who ends up marrying Historia? ›

Eventually, Historia gave birth to a baby girl. Three years later, it's mentioned by Jean that Historia is now a married woman, and it is most likely that she is married to the Farmer as he was the father of the child. Historia looks to be very content and is seen celebrating their child's third birthday.

Did Eren eat Historia's dad? ›

If you remember Season 1 Episode 2, after the fall of Wall Maria, Eren wakes up with the vague memory that he'd met his father. His father had giving him a key, prepared an injection, and told him to look after Mikasa and Armin. That's also the scene where Eren ate his dad (he turned into a Titan from the injection).

What type of Titan is Eren? ›

Eren's form of the Founding Titan is called Doomsday Titan (終尾の巨人 Shūbi no Kyojin?).


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